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Get The Naturally Beautiful Look With These Clever Makeup Techniques

All girls want to look naturally beautiful. The, ‘I just rolled out of bed like this look’ is perfect for absolutely any occasion; day with friends, date night with the boyfriend, night out – you just can’t beat a naturally beautiful look. And besides, we’re getting bored with painting our faces in multiple bright colours and caking our bodies in fake tan every weekend! Want to try the natural look? Try our clever Makeup Techniques:

Hair Removal

Before you can look naturally beautiful you’ll need to remove all of your unwanted hair. This could be on your eyebrows, lip, chin, or anywhere else on your face. Some people are lucky and don’t have any hair on their face naturally, whereas others need to choose a suitable method to remove the hair. The best way to do this is usually through waxing or laser hair removal with genlelease Gentle pro Series. It’s best that you go to a professional instead of trying yourself at home, especially if you’re not familiar with how to do it properly.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

To look naturally beautiful, you need to take care of your skin. Clear, bright skin will make you glow, but dull, lifeless skin won’t do you any favours. You need to cleanse, tone, and moisturise on a daily basis, ensuring that you never sleep with your makeup on. Make sure that you’re using products suited to your skin type too, otherwise there could be adverse effects! You can also:

  1. Use a face mask once a week.
  2. Keep your makeup brushes clean.
  3. Keep your bed sheets fresh.
  4. Use a special spot treatment on problem areas.
  5. Use a thicker face cream/wrinkle cream if you’re skin is losing its elasticity.

Create a Flawless Base

As we’ve previously mentioned, a flawless base is so important when it comes to looking naturally beautiful. You’ll help your skin by trying the techniques mentioned above, but then you can further create a flawless base by:

  1. Applying a good primer to smooth out imperfections and make your makeup last longer.
  2. Using coloured concealer on any problem areas like spots and under eye bags before applying your foundation.
  3. Apply your foundation with a good brush, and make sure you keep it clean.
  4. Make sure your foundation properly matches your skin tone – get matched at a makeup counter!
  5. Apply a good concealer like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear not only under your eyes, but blend downwards in like a triangle shape. This will make you appear more awake!

Apply Makeup Sparingly

Once you have your flawless base, you can apply the rest of your makeup, but remember to do so sparingly.

  1. Apply a small amount of blusher on the apples of your cheeks.
  2. A light bronzer will give you a sunkissed glow, and you can also use it to shade in the right places.
  3. Use highlighter under your eyes and down the bridge of your nose, but make sure you do so sparingly.
  4. Apply a light lip gloss or balm for kissable lips.
  5. Add a good mascara so your lashes look fluttery.
  6. Define your brows lightly with a pencil.

Now you can look naturally beautiful for any occasion! Remember, practice makes perfect.

Men’s Shoes: How to Select Men’s Shoes

The status of the business man is easy to determine, not only looking at his suit, but also paying the attention on his shoes. Geox men’s shoes – these are something to that immediately draws the attention of the woman or business partners.

How can be determined the status of men by his shoes? Firstly, the thickness of the sole. If a man drives a car, he chooses Geox men’s shoes on a thin sole, so he can drive a car easily. Typically, business men choose classic style of the shoes, or low warmed shoes. Very expensive and polished shoes can show that the man has a business class car. If a person travels by public transport, then he chooses more massive shoes with thick soles. The sock in such shoes rounded and the model does not belong to the classics. The neat man will always carry in a pocket or in the glove compartment a special impregnation for shoes in a portable form and before he enters the office, he is sure to take advantage of it.

How to choose men’s shoes at the Geox men’s shoes store

Shoes must be combined with the style of clothing, with a business suit and create the complete image.

The first question – this is where to buy men’s shoes? If you are a real business man and care about your reputation, it is the best to buy shoes in specialized shoes stores. At the cheap shops and the different types of markets is working the principle of “the main is the selling”, and in special Geox men’s shoes stores you can be assured in the quality of shoes and that the shop assistants can really advise you the nice model.

Footwear for business style should be made only of natural leather. Footwear in general, in principle, must be made of leather, because it does not create such a greenhouse effect, and such shoes you will wear for much longer time. If the shoes which are made of artificial leather you will wear for one season, then the shoes made of natural leather you will wear for 3-4 seasons. For business style is best to choose shoes from leather of very high quality, which is evident even outwardly. Be sure to check the quality of seams.

The color of the shoes. The classic color of the male business style – is black, brown shoes allowed if it will fit for your costume. For the light suits you should purchase a bright light shoes, wear black shoes with the beige suit is indecent.

The style. You need to navigate to your own taste, but do not forget to follow the fashion rules, it changes quite often. For business style the man must choose the classic version of shoes or oxfords. Men’s loafers are the modern version, they are very popular and beautiful, very soft and light. However, to pick the loafers for a business suit is rather complex task. Therefore, if you are in doubt, it is best to purchase the classics.

Vera Reed is established as a content developer for a line of online publications, who writes about different footwear styles for example – Geox men’s shoes store and areas alike. A proud drifter of online community and an influencer in anything of significance to the man’s footwear.

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Natural Ways To Get Lighter Skin

Darkening and whitening of our skin shade will depend on the quantity of melanin made by the body. When you have dark skin, suggests which you have higher variety of melanin.

The darker skin, the greater melanin has been made in your body. Other causes that handle dark skin tones are Vitamin E problem and existence of excess iron in your body. However, you will not need to get worried because there are various herbal treatments which you’ll try at your house . to lighten the skin atmosphere. This information offers details about some successful treatments.

Natural Ways To Get Lighter Skin

Few Basic Easy to Follow Home Remedies

Create a combination of lime juice and tomato by combining three drops of lime juice and something grated tomato. Use the combination in your face leave it for 20 minutes after which wash them back. Create a combination of two teaspoons of milk, one tbs of gram flour and three drops of lime juice and use it in your face.

Leave a combination for Fifteen minutes after which wash them back. Relax a cup of peanuts in water immediately. Grind unhealthy almonds and blend them half cup cream. Use the mixture {on your|in your} face leave it for 20 minutes. Produce papaya paste and apply in your face daily.

Create a combination of one teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of almond oil, one teaspoon of milk the other teaspoon of lemon. Use the mixture in your face leave it for 15 minutes. Create a mixture of orange peel powder and milk and use it in your face leave it for 20 minutes.

Create a combination of two teaspoons of sandalwood, one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, one teaspoon of tomato juice the other teaspoon of cucumber juice. Use the combination on your own face leave it for 20 minutes. Using these suggestions, you will no requirement to receive an visit using a skin doctor to deal with your dark skin.

Things You Should Know

An essential aspect to look after is usually that these treatments are competent only if you observe them consistently. Never anticipate you will be able to find fair skin by these tips only once or 2 times. You cannot uncover the skin on the sun, if you can.

Use sunscreen or sunblock in your face if you leave your house. Lemon can also be used as a possible critical element in a number of face packs, beauty items etc.  Aloe Vera has mild skin whitening components plus it helps you to even the skin atmosphere.

Moreover these treatments, there are some fruits that lighten complexion for example papaya, bilberries, and lemon. Papain, an chemical present in papaya helps with exfoliation skin and decreasing face freckles and liver spots.

Bilberries are extremely attractive managing facial hyper-pigmentation. Lemon includes Vitamin C and citric acidity which is an excellent exfoliation adviser. Exfoliation is a valuable part of skincare for the that person and the body. Exfoliating the skin could keep it searching excellent, younger and healthful.

Medieval Wedding Dresses

If you’re thinking about selecting the most ancient, beautiful wedding dresses for the story wedding, there are lots of choices which you can select from. Remember though that does not every gown available for sale is made equally. Some dresses will be more or less genuine and also have adjustable development. Others are usually a tad more costly compared to needs to be. When you choose to use a medieval wedding dress for the wedding, you have to think about these points. First of all, consider the amount of time you want and just how genuine you need to get. Do you want the complete medieval adventure?

Then the response is yes, then you’d have to select a lifetime, region along with the social class that you’d prefer to wedding dresses in. This is much more of a re-enactment, as opposed to just as being a theme wedding. This will only work fabulously if everybody knows a history behind those clothes that you’ll wear. Additionally, individual who loves the olden day, this will be really entertaining. Keep in mind that does not most people are too experienced when you are, which means you will have to assist them.

Searching for authentic medieval bridal dresses is usually somewhat difficult. Your best option is always to purchase a specialist seamstress or tailor to custom make it for you personally. They are able to provide you with a significant great deal simply because there’s a large amount of energy which needs to be invested, creating a real dress. In relation to cost, you will pay a quantity much like what high-end wedding gown. Keep in mind that with this dress to show out beautifully you’ll want to provide you tailor lots of time upfront to operate for the dress. Rushing the work will undoubtedly ruin the complete dress.

Let’s say you’re not very picky concerning the exact some time and area and they are interested in just giving your wedding an overall medieval sense you’ll be able to find plenty of medieval motivated dresses which you can select from.

When you don’t really mind the genuineness of the material or design, so long as the clothes are gorgeous, you are able to decide to examine providers for Renaissance medieval fairs or fantasy outfitters. In this way you will get additional control on the style of the cheap wedding dress. Do keep in mind price is usually a factor, and purchasing something from the rack may need some modifications.

After you have your medieval wedding dress, it is necessary to invest some time in it before your genuine wedding. Medieval clothes, especially those which have corsetry involved, will have a feel and fit which are distinctive from our everyday contemporary clothing.

Invest some time putting on your gown with the right innerwear and exercise walking. As a result, certain you can’t trip in your train, or feel unpleasant and breathless if the genuine day comes. Wonderful this practice, your wedding day will discover you because the perfect and wonderful medieval bride.

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What is Kung Fu


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the coming together of different fighting styles. Although it is termed ‘mixed martial arts’ and there lies within it, the foundation of martial arts from different backgrounds, there are also fighting styles that are not associated with martial arts such as wrestling, Thai boxing and other forms of fighting that make use of grappling. However, for an MMA fighter to learn how to fight excellently, some training in some forms of martial arts like Kung Fu, must take place.

Kung Fu is often derided amongst some MMA fighters and instructors as being useless to a fighter
because it does not make use of grappling strategies that most MMA fights are becoming known for. This is unfortunate because a mastery of the fighting methods of Kung Fu can give a fighter an edge that would be missing from those without that knowledge and ability.

Kung fu makes use of unique fighting techniques which involve standing using the arms and legs. It employs some really intricate footwork which requires a deep mastery and understanding for a fighter can take advantage of it. It is this aspect that makes most people put down kung fu as a fighting technique that is neither practical to everyday realities nor to MMA fights. But it is important to remember that kung fu developed as a method of defense and was quite practical in the harsh realities of the world.

When a fighter gets to understand the principles of kung fu and incorporates those principles into his training routine, the ability to attack with speed, force and precision is honed as well as unique methods of defense.

This guide will examine the history of kung fu and the different training methods and techniques as they relate to Mixed Martial Arts. The fighting art of kung fu will be examined from all corners including its benefits and detriments to MMA fighters.

Description of Kung Fu

Kung fu is an art that is very hard to describe. This is because there are several variations of it. Known by several names including Kung fu, Gung fu, and Wu shu, it is a fighting art that was born in the ancient Chinese culture. Even then there were different types of the martial art including Shaolin Kung fu and some other forms of kung fu. Although what is popular in the US is the Shaolin Kung Fu, there are others which predate it.

Kung fu is similar to karate in that it is a fighting art that makes use of the arms and legs and is fought from the standing position. There the similarity ends. When the word ‘martial art’ is used, it is one which aptly describes kung fu. This is because this art utilizes a style and gracefulness which has made a lot of people to think wrongly, that it is an art which serves no practical purpose and cannot be relied upon for actual defense. The truth is that it is possible for a fighter to successfully defend and fight using Kung fu however, for that to even be marginally possible, more than just the moves would need to be learned.

Kung fu is a fighting art that works on the body but also works on the mind and spirit of the fighter. It is an all-encompassing form of fighting and those who focus on just the physical part of it remain ineffective fighters. It calls upon and demands for the total focus of the fighter and complete mastery over the internal body and external factors including breathing techniques. A Kung fu fighter is one who knows how to deliver a blow with extreme precision and not out of a jumble of emotions or the fight or flee response. Every move is deliberate and intentional. This is a quality that marks not just a master Kung fu fighter, but also an excellent MMA fighter.

Despite its many forms, Kung fu can be characterized into five major variations; the Dragon, Crane, Tiger, Eagle, Claw and Snake. All the various Kung fu styles of fighting are different variations of these styles. They are adopted from the natural fighting methods of the animals and adapted into some of the best defense and attach techniques that exist. In other words, Kung fu trains a fighter to use the natural fighting abilities in the body, culled from nature.

To those who believe that MMA is not an art and is no more than just brute force, Kung fu would naturally seem unnecessary and superfluous to an MMA fighter.

Brief History of Kung Fu

To fully understand the fighting art of Kung Fu and how it might be relevant to Mixed Martial Arts, it would be good to take a brief tour of the history of the art itself and how from a fighting technique that was originally associated with Shaolin monks in ancient China, it came into mainstream western culture.

Most people already know that Kung fu was developed in the ancient Chinese culture, what is not commonly known is that this form of martial art, as well as many others, was not accepted by the mainstream Chinese culture and was in fact practiced by outlaws and people who lived on the fringes of society. Although the art was made popular by the Shaolin monks, the temples which housed these monks were also shelter to many who were hiding from the law.

Eventually, martial arts instructors began to seek a way to get respect and assimilation from mainstream society. To achieve this, they made a number of changes including getting formed into an artisan class. In the bid to become legitimate, they opened schools and formed traditions; created their philosophies in line with the Confucian philosophy of the day and gradually began to develop a way of life that was called Kung fu by inducting new disciples into a tight bond of loyalty.

This gradually began to earn them respect in the land but it did not automatically gain social acceptance for the art of Kung fu or any other art of martial fighting. To a large extent, respect was more important for the martial artist than social acceptance and this respect was not just sought from the people around but more importantly was sought from the fighter’s peers. As such, before a fighter could be considered worthy to open a Kung fu school, he either had to challenge all the resident super fighters and beat them or he would challenge a Master fighter and beat him, taking over his school.
Late on the government in China made efforts to control martial arts and consolidate the different Kung fu arts by bringing several great masters together in the government established Kung fu institute. Duels and open challenges were banned and replaced by national competitions, the first of which held in 1928. This paved the way for modern day martial arts competitions and fight tournaments like what is held in the MMA.

In the bid to further subjugate martial arts under its control, the government created a form of martial arts which was divided into 5 categories. Out of these categories came what is now known as Wu Shu. Although the foundation of Wu Shu was based upon traditional Kung fu, it was not meant for any real combat and was mostly for physical exercise and performance. This style was more acrobatic than anything with combat stances such as boxing and kicking forbidden by the government.

This went on for a long time until quite recently when there has been a re-organization in the fighting methods of this form of martial arts. Kicking, boxing and general sparring methods have been introduced. This is gradually taking what is now known as Wu Shu back to the days of Kung fu with the methods and philosophies being incorporated.

Kung Fu in Mixed Martial Arts

Examining the history of Kung fu, it is no wonder that many fighters regard is disdainfully when it comes to practical application in MMA. The fact is that many instructors particularly in the US still teach the more performance style method of Wu Shu probably does not help matters. However, where the more traditional method of Kung fu has been taught and is properly integrated with Mixed Martial Arts by an MMA fighter, several performance enhancing skills are developed in that fighter.
MMA is a combat sport that utilizes a host of fighting techniques from different martial arts styles.
However, it is one which has become mostly about grappling and other floor fighting styles. Most of an MMA fight takes place on the floor with a lot of grappling and close body contact. This is very different from Kung fu where combat takes place standing and makes use of the fists and the legs. But this does not mean that there is no element of Kung fu in Mixed Martial Arts.

When Kung fu is incorporated into Mixed Martial Arts, what it does is that it gives the fighter an advantage over those without any Kung fu experience. Of course learning Kung fu should be with the intention to improve as an MMA fighter and not to become a world champion Kung fu fighter. The difference might not be immediately apparent but what it means is that every stance, move or technique that is learned would be to hone the fighter’s skill when in combat.

There are two major elements of Kung fu which would prove useful to any MMA fighter. These encompass the moves and the inner control. The moves cover a number of fist movements and kicks. The more popular of these include the Back Fist, which is a quick hand movement that can be extremely lethal. One distinguishing feature of Kung fu in general is the emphasis on speed and for an MMA fighter, the Back Fist is a valuable move because it can quickly destabilize and even immobilize and opponent where it is very well delivered.

Another popular move is the Front Kick which is another move that emphasizes speed of delivery. It is effective for both offensive and defensive moves but requires that the fighter be versed in the ability to stand on one leg. In fact, this very ability is one of the many Kung fu maxims and states that a fighter should possess the ability to stand on one foot like a driven nail. The usefulness of this to an MMA fighter is obvious; it would be harder for an opponent to get such a fighter down to the floor, giving the fighter an upper hand.

The Shadowless Kick is another move that an MMA fighter might want to adopt. When used, it can quickly put an opponent out of commission, winning the tournament for the fighter. This kick is particularly relevant because it allows for some grappling and is used when the opponent’s attention is on the moves delivered by the fist. It would be really difficult for an opponent who is not versed in Kung fu to proffer any defense against the Shadowless Kick.

The inner control covers focus and breathing control, which is very important for an MMA fighter. Kung fu focuses a lot on breathing control and a good fighter learns to control the emotions and blank out distractions.

When an MMA fighter properly uses Kung fu in a Mixed Martial Art tournament, it is worth watching as there is a general display of skill and grace by that fighter.

Using Kung Fu to Train for MMA

Originally MMA was a combat style tournament where fighters from various martial arts backgrounds would come together to fight and determine what martial arts style was the best. However, Mixed Martial Arts has long developed past that into a unique fighting style. Although it incorporates fighting techniques from different martial arts styles and different other combat styles, these are only used to improve and enhance the skill of an MMA fighter. To focus solely on any one of these fighting styles would be counter-productive to an MMA fighter.

With that in mind, it is necessary for an MMA fighter to use certain martial arts styles to train. Most MMA fighters are known to pay a lot of attention to fighting styles like Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai Wrestling and maybe, Karate. Very few however think of using the techniques associated with Kung fu to train. This is understandable as a lot of the Kung fu techniques that are taught are the more flowery styles that might not be of much use to a fighter in a combat situation. However, where the fighting methods and philosophies of the more traditional style of Kung fu is taught, the lessons learned can be invaluable in honing the skills of a fighter.

Kung fu is a combat style that is done standing and makes use of some intricate footwork and hand movements. Although there are instances and moves that allow close combat, that is the exception rather than the rule. When an MMA fighter makes the decision to go ahead and use Kung fu in training, that fighter imbibes certain skills including speed, endurance and discipline.

Kung fu is a fighting style that lays a lot of emphasis on speed. What training in Kung fu would do for a fighter is teach that fighter how to understand and properly utilize both quickness and acceleration, which are two elements of speed. While quickness teaches control of the internal by building on the external through sharpened keenness and alertness, acceleration is more physical oriented and involves the training of stronger fast-twitch muscles. Acceleration training allows the muscles to twitch faster which enables the fighter to move with more speed. This is a skill that an MMA fighter would find invaluable.

As a fighting style, Kung fu calls for a lot of endurance. A kung fu fighter needs to learn not just how to move with amazing speed, the training would also teach the fighter how to remain in the same position for incredible lengths of time. What this translates to for an MMA fighter is the ability to withstand pressure and pain. Endurance training is very important for a fighter and comes to play in combat situations. It helps that fighter withstand an onslaught of attack from an opponent while systematically delivering a defensive that could lead to victory.

Both speed and endurance come together with discipline. This is the hallmark of a Kung fu fighter. Kung fu does not just focus on the physical but puts a lot of stress on the development of the mind and spirit of the fighter. A fighter who has been trained in the Kung fu way knows not to react blindly but to observe keenly and make deliberate moves for the highest effectiveness. This is a skill that would come in handy when faced with an opponent in an MMA combat ring.

Using Kung fu to train for MMA combats can only serve to perfect the skills and enhance the performance of a fighter. But this would only be possible if the moves taught are by a trainer who has a deep understanding of the fighting style.

The Effectiveness of Kung Fu as a Training Method for MMA

The effectiveness of Kung Fu as a training method for MMA is one which has been under a lot of intense debate. While there are some who insist that Kung fu is effective in the training of MMA fighters, there are others who have dismissed this ancient form of martial arts as crap. How effective Kung fu would be to the training of an MMA fighter would depend on a number of factors.

Kung fu is a type of martial arts that has existed for thousands of years and has managed to survive till now. Even though there are many styles of Kung fu and several of these styles have undergone different changes, it is still a fighting style that is effective for offensive and defensive fighting. How effective it would be in the training of an MMA fighter however, would rest on the competence of the trainer.

Where the trainer is inexperienced and has a vague understanding of kung fu moves and its philosophies, such training would be more or less useless; totally ineffective. This is the case with many Kung fu schools around; they are more focused on the intricate and dramatic flair of Kung fu than the effectiveness and accuracy of the art as a fighting style. What happens is that when a fighter is trained in such schools, that fighter is ill equipped for real life combat situations.

In the same way a fighter who goes into Kung fu training as though he or she is training for the Kung fu championships, can be rendered ineffectual for a Mixed Martial Arts tournament. MMA is just that, a mixture of several martial arts styles. Even though a background in some form of martial arts could be an advantage, it does not necessarily make a great fighter. The mistake any MMA fighter can make is to use a form of martial arts to train as though it were for the martial arts championship and not for the MMA tournaments.

To get the most effectiveness out of training for MMA, it is important to know MMA style of fighting before introducing any particular martial arts style. When Kung fu training is introduced to an MMA fighter, it should be with the sole purpose of enhancing the style and performance of that fighter. Using Kung fu to train in that manner would make it very effective, giving the fighter an added edge over opponents who have not undergone such training.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of Kung fu as a training method for MMA would depend on two factors: the trainer and the fighter. The trainer needs to be well versed in the traditional arts of Kung fu where fighting was done in real combat situations and not just the dramatic aspects. Also, a good understanding of the philosophies of Kung fu would be helpful. But no matter how good a trainer is, the attitude of the fighter would also determine whether the training method would be effective or not. Kung fu should be approached as a way of enhancing the performance of the fighter for its effectiveness to readily translate into victory in the ring.

Benefits of Kung fu in MMA

Despite what some MMA fighters say, there is a lot to learn from Kung fu. A fighter with a background in Kung fu or one who has incorporated Kung fu into the training process has a distinct edge. Of course this is only where Kung fu has been taught for use in combat situations and not just for fitness or for shows. One reason that might make some MMA fighters despise Kung fu is that most times, the benefits are not immediately apparent in the fighting style of the MMA fighter. This is because Kung fu focuses a lot on control and this amongst others, is the chief benefit of Kung fu in MMA.

An MMA fighter requires strength and stamina; speed and power and the ability to grapple. Kung fu does not make use of grappling techniques instead what it does, is train a fighter in swift reaction. A fighter with Kung fu training is swift on both feet and has the ability to deliver punches and kicks with such swiftness that the opponent does not see it coming. A good fighter can successfully remain standing and avoid being pushed to the floor, thereby retaining the advantage. This swiftness comes from training the muscles but it does not end there. Kung fu trains a fighter to be alert and focused. The focus of a Kung fu trained fighter is absolute, blocking out all forms of distraction to concentrate completely on the fight. This is what makes a champion MMA fighter.

Another benefit of Kung fu in MMA is the flexibility and elasticity which comes from training with the traditional Chinese martial art. This would particularly come in handy after a fighter has been tackled to the floor by an opponent and is in a grapple position. The flexibility makes it possible for the fighter to execute the moves necessary to break the tackle hold and spring free.

Then the breathing technique for which Kung fu is well known is another benefit of Kung fu in MMA. Breathing is the first point of call in Kung fu training and is emphasized throughout. It is so important that some consider it even more important than the moves. The benefits of proper breathing techniques to an MMA fighter, are numerous one of which is endurance. An MMA fighter who has mastered the art of breathing can stay longer in the ring without getting tired or going out of breath. Another benefit is the ability to handle pain; breathing helps a fighter develop a high pain threshold and to keep going where another might have given up. Finally, when breathing is coordinated with striking, the strikes attain greater power and potency; this is one aspect of Kung fu training that is especially beneficial to an MMA fighter.

When properly practiced, Kung fu adds a lot of benefits to MMA and can help the fighters become better, quicker and more focused on the fight.

Detriments of Kung fu to MMA Fighters

Regardless of all the benefits that Kung fu brings to MMA, it is not without its detriments and these can be really problematic to the MMA fighter is they are not acknowledged and worked upon. The fact is that MMA is a mixture of different styles of martial arts fighting. Although it began as a haunt for the best martial arts style, it has evolved past that into a fighting style of its own, with rules and regulations. Therefore any fighter who is training to fight in an MMA tournament should train with these rules and regulations in mind. Where that is neglected, then the detriments begin to show up.
One major detriment that Kung fu brings to MMA fighters is when the wrong Kung fu is used in training. There are several hundred styles of Kung fu and not all are effective for combat situations. Some were born out of a need to curtail the combat side of Kung fu and make it more recreational and entertaining. Unfortunately, in the US not many can differentiate between these styles and some instructors end up teaching the more recreational Kung fu which ends up being useless in the ring. This can be a great handicap for an MMA fighter.

Another detriment is when the fighter and trainer approach Kung fu like a solo discipline and focus on learning every bit of Kung fu. Generally, there is nothing wrong with this for a fighter who intends to enter a Kung fu competition. But for one who plans to fight in an MMA tournament, this is suicidal. Kung fu training in MMA should be approached as a way to further enhance and hone the skills of the MMA fighter and should be learned in line with the rules and regulations of Mixed Martial Arts. It does not matter if the fighter’s main discipline is Kung fu, that fighter should go into the ring as an MMA fighter who knows Kung fu and not as a Kung fu fighter fighting Mixed Martial Arts. But that is often the case with most MMA fighters so that they go into an MMA fight already handicapped.

When Kung fu is not learned as part of several mixed martial arts and is practiced solo in training, it constitutes a detriment to the MMA fighter. In the same way, if a fighter trains with recreational Kung fu that is no good for actual combat situations, it would also be a detriment.

Top Kung Fu Moves for MMA fighters

The problem most fighters have with Kung fu is that there are as many Kung fu moves as there are styles, which means literally hundreds. Most of these moves are purely fictional, shown in Kun fu movies and cannot be replicated in real life. A fighter who goes into learning Kung fu with the hope that he or she would one day be able to fly on the tree tops in the nearby park is in for a shocker. Nevertheless, there are some moves that have been proven over time some of which would prove invaluable to an MMA fighter.

One such move is the Horse Stance. In some quarters, it is also known as the Horse Riding Stance. The Horse Stance is the foundation upon which most Kung fu moves are built. It is a stance which is used to build the strength of the fighters, legs which in turn builds stamina in the fighter. But to traditional Wu Shu fighters, the Horse Stance is much more than that. It is the main source of strength training and produces more power and striking force than modern strength training techniques. Consistent practice of the Horse Stance can catapult an MMA fighter’s combat efficiency to unknown heights as it trains not just the body but the energy and the mind.

Another Kung fu move which would be of immense benefit to the MMA fighter is what is known as the Shadowless Kick. This is a kick so swift that the opponent feels the contact from the kick before it is even seen. Learning this kick does not just train a fighter in quickness and acceleration, the fighter also learns flexibility and builds on strength. It calls for great balance because it involves standing upon one leg in order to execute perfectly. This kick needs to be used with discretion and a strong grasp of MMA rules because it is most effective when delivered to the ribs, the groin area or other vulnerable spots on the opponent’s body. Targeting the groin in an MMA tournament is expressly forbidden so a fighter would have to bear that in mind.

Another move that would come in handy for an MMA fighter includes the Backfist, which is a striking move. It involves the use of force and is executed from the elbow. There are three types of Backfist moves; horizontal, vertical and angled.

If an MMA fighter is coming up against an opponent that has a background in another form of standing martial arts, then a good knowledge of blocking techniques would be beneficial. There are several of them but amongst the top are the Circular blocks which are used to block fist strikes and also to intercept kicks, the Cross Down Block and Elbow Strikes.

Kung Fu Vs. MMA

This is a debate that has been going on between Kung fu practitioners and MMA proponents. For some reason, Kung fu and Mixed Martial Arts have had something of a rivalry going on with each determined to think that the other is totally useless when it comes to combat. However, what both sides refuse to acknowledge is that they are both right and wrong to some extent.

Kung fu belongs to the traditional Chinese martial arts and has survived for more than two thousand years evolving as time went on, but still retaining its basic elements. The mere fact that the art has been around that long, and is still practiced in one form or the other to this day, says a lot about the effectiveness of Kung fu as a fighting style. Nevertheless, the martial art purists who claim that Kung fu (and other forms of pure martial arts) has nothing to learn from Mixed Martial Arts are just being shortsighted.

Kung fu is primarily a standing combat form and even though it has a bit of grappling techniques, these are weak at the very best and pretty much ineffective at worst. While a Kung fu fighter might come out on top in a fight with another Kung fu fighter or one with a background in standing martial art techniques, pitted against an MMA fighter, the Kung fu fighter will probably not have a chance of winning. This is not because Kung fu is a weak form of martial arts, it is simply that MMA brings together the best of all forms of martial arts and combines them into one cohesive fighting technique that builds on the strength and practically eliminates the weakness of each one.

So an MMA fighter might be able to handle stand up combat but will still be able to give a good account when tackled to the floor. That will not be the case with a pure Kung fu fighter. The Kung fu world has a lot to learn from MMA if they are to continue to evolve into a fighting style that can successfully face down a challenge from any form of martial arts. As it is now, once faced with a fighting form that goes beyond the stand-up technique, Kung fu will be hard pressed to keep up.
Mixed Martial artist on the other hand, could do well to learn a few lessons from Kung fu. The average MMA fighter is put at a disadvantage when it comes to stand-up combat and would have to find a way to tackle an opponent to the floor in order to gain the upper hand. If faced against an opponent that is swift and nimble and practically impossible to take down, this becomes a problem for the MMA fighter.

Kung fu builds strength and stamina in a fighter by building on the inner force. This is done through a variety of moves but mostly through the breathing techniques. Proper breathing builds endurance and stamina and can help an MMA fighter last longer in the ring. Moreover, the concentration and focus which is developed during Kung fu training can only stand a fighter in good stead.

It is not really surprising that many MMA fighters who have tried Kung fu have hated it and found it ineffectual in combat situations. As has already been established, this is mostly because quite a number of the Kung fu instructors around have not really understood the traditional fighting methods of Kung fu, neither have they learned the moves and techniques necessary for combat. Instead they have specialized in some form of the martial art which was probably used for recreation and entertainment and cannot therefore by translated into a real life fight.

Advantages of Mixed Disciplines in Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is about taking the different disciplines in martial arts and blending them together to form one lethal fighting style. Once this is understood it would make it easier to see why the integration of several martial arts disciplines is necessary to bring about any form of MMA. Although MMA is now a fighting style on its own, that does not change the fact that it is one which is made up of several others.

There are several disciplines which are already associated with Mixed Martial Arts. These include Brazilian Juijitsu, Muay Thai and Judo amongst others. But there are several other fighting styles which get displayed in the ring from time to time. Different fighters with various fighting backgrounds such as wrestling, karate and Kung fu bring their particular disciplines into the ring during an MMA tournament.

Because MMA is such an eclectic mix of fighting styles, training for MMA is very different from training for a pure martial arts fighting style. A fighter needs to be aware at all times that an opponent is going to come into the ring trained in several fighting styles and is going to apply at every juncture, whichever works best.

A fighter who focuses on just one discipline and goes to compete in an MMA tournament does that at his or her risk. That fighter will be seriously disadvantaged and the possibility of coming out of the tournament victorious is slim to nil.

The main advantage of mixed disciplines in Mixed Martial Arts is the efficient fighting methods that are created as a result. To explain this further, when a fighter trains using a combination of two or more disciplines, that fighter is able to hone his or her skill using the training methods of those disciplines. Each discipline has its weakness when faced with the skills from another; combining disciplines will help that fighter counteract the weakness in each with the strength of the others.
Some disciplines focus more on grappling techniques and this is essential for an MMA fighter. However, a fighter that is only versed in grappling would face a challenge when fighting against an opponent who is skilled in dodging take-downs. And if that opponent is exceptionally skilled in both standing techniques and floor techniques, the fighter does not stand a chance.

To qualify as an MMA fighter, such a fighter would need to gradually integrate several other disciplines into the training routine. This is what makes a fighter a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.


Mixed Martial Arts is usually linked to such disciplines as Brazilian Juijitsu, Muay Thai and Judo. In some cases, a fighter might be skilled in other disciplines like Tae Kwondo, Karate and Professional wrestling. But rarely, if ever is MMA connected to Kung fu except it is in a contentious manner with each side proclaiming the superiority of its style over the other. This is counterproductive.

Kung fu has its place in Mixed Martial Arts. For one thing, MMA is a mixture of several arts and though it has its rules and regulations, they can be interpreted through different styles and disciplines. Therefore a fighter who is able to interpret MMA through Kung fu would have a huge advantage over those who cannot. A good example would be Lyoto Machida, a Brazilian MMA fighter who stunned the MMA crowd with his unique fighting style which clearly incorporated traditional martial arts that were not generally associated with Mixed Martial Arts.

If the traditional art of Kung fu is properly taught and it is used in training an MMA fighter, not to fight a Kung fu tournament but an MMA tournament, there is no doubt that great things would come out of the MMA world.

In the same way, traditional Kung fu has a lot to learn from Mixed Martial Arts. What the pure martial artists who look down on MMA fail to realize is that Mixed Martial Arts takes the best out of the disciplines and grinds them into one supreme fighting style. There is nowhere else that the weaknesses in pure traditional martial arts styles are shown up than in an MMA ring.

The advantages of Kung fu to an MMA fighter are numerous even though that fighter would have to be wary of the detriments too. So also the advantages of MMA style training to a Kung fu fighter. When each style of fighting learns to respect the strengths and build on the weaknesses of the other, combat fighting would be ready to undergo another evolution.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Manly Men Wear Stylish Shoes

The biggest kept secret to everyone everywhere? The man’s shoe – simply because they take little stock in them. Shoes are so important, we’d need to make twenty articles about them. You can have the greatest outfit ever, but without the proper shoes with minor colouring to tie it all together, you just look good. You don’t want to look good. You want to look outstanding! You want to leave an impression that you are the most stylish and well-dressed person in the room. Remember it is better to be overdressed than under dressed.

Many men never realize how important shoes are until they start wearing nice shoes out. You could potentially get compliments on the shoes, no matters how nice the outfit was. Then when I started wearing different color shoes that match my shirt that’s when the real compliments started coming in. After that happened, I quit wearing sandals entirely.

Women Notice Shoes

Shoes are the first thing a woman notices when she sees your outfit. She starts from the bottom and moves up. Little things make a big difference.
Here are a couple shoe tips for those unsure when appropriate times and places to wear certain styles are:

  • Never wear sandals out especially at night.
  • Gym shoes are nice, for the gym. Keep those types of shoes for activities only. Do not wear gym shoes out at night, at a friend’s house maybe. Just remember the nicer you are dressed at casual events (a friend’s house) the better the impression will be left on you.
  • If you are on a budget and you need to buy shoes always go with black as they match more outfits.
  • Boots and pointed shoes can be risky but make sure you get multiple opinions before wearing them out.
  • Pointed leather shoes look good with fitted jeans. Just remember though at the end of the day when it doubt, overdress.

Caring For Shoes

Everyone needs a good pair of leather shoes, especially men. Quality leather shoes are not exactly inexpensive and you should be taking care of your investment. The great thing about this type of shoe is they’re meant to last a long time and even if they need to be repaired, they still look great with the help of an adept cobbler. Learn how to protect this expensive investment by researching how to take special care of your leather shoes.


While stylish women concentrate on petite suits and fashion in the UK or other parts of our universe, men need to take more stock into the shoes they wear.  Not only will you find that men are really just women inside anyway, many guys actually do care about their shoes yet don’t want to reek of ‘wimpy’. When going out each evening, find some nice Marc Jacobs wing tips; these are the hottest fashion trend at the moment amongst men.

How I Learned to Save Money at a Spa

Take a moment a think about when was the last time you actually paid a visit to a spa? In case spa experience is something that you don’t want to consider due of financial constraints, you may want to think again. Back in the day it wasn’t easy to find a decent spa resort for reasonable money, but now that we have internet, we can even get a good idea about some remote destination from your bedroom. Even better, you don’t have to deal with agencies that only want to sell you offers which are in their interest, not yours.

Before I discovered what internet has to offer in terms of spa deals, my last spa experience was somewhere back in the 90’s when my husband and I were going through the last stage of our marriage, trying to fix something that was beyond the point of no return. We booked a three-day vacation through one agency and not only did they rip us off, but the service was sub-par and shortly after I divorced my husband. Great story, huh?

For almost 10 years I never even thought about going for a spa treatment because of my previous experience and I was occupied with work trying to get the divorce out of my head. It’s not all that bad, though. One day I stumbled upon a website called SpaFinder which allows you to browse thousands of spa deals online, domestic or international. There are many promotions and offers to choose from, sometimes up to 50% off. I started with small and cheap treatments but once I realized how much I missed spa experience in my life I had to go all the way and book a full weekend at an amazing discount price. When I discovered I could find more discount at websites like GroupOn, going for some spa relaxation became a regular occurrence, and my friends started calling me “the spa enthusiast” because I’ve been talking about it so much. If you are looking for local Australian spas, here you might find some great Brisbane deals.

I’ve also signed up for email alerts at some websites and they send me an email every time they offer a treatment at a discount price in my area. Some deals even extend beyond spa treatments and I was able to get football and concert tickets along with my treatment for bargain prices.

There were a couple of times where I think I overspent because sometimes the people working at spas can be sneaky when offering massages during the treatment without ever mentioning they will be charged extra. So my advice is to you is always to ask whether something costs extra.

Lately I haven’t been going to my favorite spa destinations on my own, as my friends came along on more than one occasion. This way we were also able to get discounted deals. Also, I’ve met a whole bunch of nice people in my favorite spa destinations and sometimes we share costs of traveling which is also a huge money saver.